Selected Talks

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  1. Information Security Best Practices, at the event Small Business Cybersecurity: Prevention and Protection, organized by Assemblymember Jacqui Irwin (District 44), December 8, 2017.
  2. Cybersecurity: staying safe on the Internet, and OLLI talk at CI, June 8, 2017.
  3. Algorithms – the rules of modern living / Los algorithms – las reglas de la vida moderna, bilingual talk given at the Blanchard Community Library in Santa Paula, CA, on April 11, 2017.
  4. Cybersecurity, keynote speaker at the meeting of the Oxnard-Ventura Post of the Society of American Military Engineers (SAME), March 23, 2017.
  5. Establishing Mechatronics at CI, CI Enrollment Management meeting, March 15, 2017.
  6. Computer Science and Mechatronics at CI, the Channel Islands Chapter of the Association of Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI), July 12, 2016.
  7. Problems related to alphabet sizes, Invited talk at LSD2016.
  8. Intro to Cryptography, invited talk at the Ventura August meeting of ISSA (Information Systems Security Association), on August 20, 2015
  9. Algorithms on Strings, joint seminar of Mathematics and Computer Science, California State University at Channel Islands, February 4, 2015.
  10. Fair ranking in competitive bidding procurement: A case analysis, joint seminar of Mathematics and Computer Science, California State University at Channel Islands, October 15, 2014.
  11. How safe is your data?, Toronto Association of Police and Private Security (TAPPS), invited talk, May 12, 2014.
  12. An algorithmic view of Computer Science, Department of Computer Science, California State University at Channel Islands, November 1, 2013.
  13. Unshuffling a Square is NP-hard, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Theory seminar, University of California, San Diego, December 3, 2012.
  14. NIST Approach to Information Security, Formal Requirements and Information Security Enhancement (FRAISE) Research Group, McMaster University, May 2012.
  15. An overview of cryptography: A mathematical perspective on public key cryptosystems, McMaster Advanced Optimization Laboratory, October 2008.
  16. Computational complexity, Universidad de Rio Cuarto, Argentina, February 2008.
  17. Computational complexity, Ulam Seminar, University of Colorado at Boulder, September-December 2007.
  18. Computational complexity, University of Poznan, June 2007.
  19. Proof complexity, Algorithmics Research Group, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, May 2007.
  20. Computational complexity: an overview of open problems, Universidad Autonoma, Madrid, December 2006.
  21. The proof complexity of matrix algebra, An Isaac Newton Institute Workshop, New Directions in Proof Complexity, Cambridge, April 2006.
  22. Tim Paterson and Michael Soltys, A propositional proof system with quantification over permutations, Franco-Canadian Workshop on Combinatorial Algorithms (COMAL), August 2005.
  23. Proof complexity of the Cayley-Hamilton theorem, Center for Discrete Mathematics and Theoretical Computer Science (DIMACS), Rutgers University, New Jersey, March 2005
  24. Proof complexity of matrix algebra, Oberwolfach workshop in proof complexity, Germany, March 2005.
  25. Proof complexity of linear algebra, University of California at San Diego, January 2005.
  26. Proof complexity, Grupo de Lenguajes y Sistemas Informaticos (LSI), Universidad Politecnica de Cataluna (UPC), Barcelona, May 2004.
  27. Matrix products, Symposium for Computing in the XXI century, McMaster University, October 2001.
  28. Complexity of derivations of matrix identities, Institute for Advanced Studies (IAS), Workshop on Proof Complexity, Princeton, December 2000.
  29. Boolean programs and quantified propositional proof systems, Canadian Mathematical Society Winter Meeting, Montreal, December 1999.