Complex Ranking Procedures

Complex Ranking Procedures is a paper co-authored by Barbara Sandrasagra and Michael Soltys, that appeared in a Special Issue of Fundamenta Informaticae dedicated to a method of ranking known as Pairwise Comparisons (Volume 144, Number 3-4, Pages 223-240, 2016). The full paper can be found here:

This paper is a continuation of work that was first presented at the conference KES2014, tilted Fair ranking in competitive bidding procurement: A case analysisand where it was given the best paper award; click tag kes2014 for more background.

In Complex Ranking Procedures we propose a research program for developing a formal framework for ranking procedures based on the Pairwise Comparisons method. We are interested in the case where relatively few items are to be ranked with a complex procedure and according to a large number of criteria. A typical example of this scenario is a competition where several companies bid for a contract, and where the selection of the winner is done with multiple criteria according to an intricate selection procedure. Several other applications are suggested.

Mathematics of bidding for Pan Am games contracts

Yesterday I was a guest of MPP Rod Jackson at Queen’s Park, and we spoke to the media regarding the bidding process for the Pan Am games: see my post 363 on Apr 3, 2014, on this issue. Click here for the media release [pdf]. This is related to my KES2014 paper.

The mathematics of Pan Am contracts

I wrote a mathematical analysis of the bidding process for the security of the Pan Am games (submitted to KES2014 conference):

I found problems with how the bidding score is computed, and the Globe & Mail picked the story.

Though my write up consisted of several pages of math, the Globe & Mail went for the (important) bottom line 🙂 as you can read here:

The price bidders submitted made up 40 per cent of the final score for each finalist. “The money amount was not given a proportionate weight,” suggested Michael Soltys, a professor in McMaster’s computing and software department (Mr. Soltys is also a consultant for a company that is owned by Reilly Security).

Other newspaper stories on the Pan Am bidding process: